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Here’s something fun I started working on in the last few days: re-drawing over the pages of an old book that I made in around 1991-92, when I was a student in the Bealart programme. It’s the first real sewn-on-tapes casebound binding I ever made, under the tutelage of Ron Milton.

This book is a beast, 28x34cm (11×13.25in) when closed, halfbound with reclaimed garment leather and bookcloth I made from a thrifted housedress. It has great long fold-out pages which nestle shorter pages within them, creating separate compartments. At the time I didn’t even fill 25% of the pages, mostly with sketches and clipped images of manuscript illumination, tarot cards, mosaics, icons, neolithic goddess figures, middle eastern tile work, antique scissors, and Russian church embroidery, but also many colourful bits from my intaglio prints and labeled samples from some of my first forays into handmade paper. It’s going to be fun to repurpose it as a sketchbook and cannibalize all that old work into new drawings.

Pictured is the back of the front flyleaf, drawn with bingo dabbers, Sharpie marker, and white gel pen over old prints (including a Venus of Willendorf from a set of intaglio tarot cards I made in 1993) and a black and white photo of a Three Graces statue.

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