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Longstitch bookbinding class


Here are our students’ finished books from Saturday afternoon’s bookbinding class! Watch for the next session coming up in July.

Longstitch binding class

Here are some lovely books from tonight’s bookbinding class, longstitch through a slotted cover with a folded decorative slipcover. The students had loads of fun and were in love with their gorgeous little finished books.



Book covers

Here’s a progress shot on our other new line of hand bound journals: bookcloth and screenprinted paper.

New journals

Here’s a little preview of our new leather journals. This one is sold but we’ll have more ready soon, in two sizes!


New Irish linen thread for bookbinding, in some fun bright colours.

On the bench

A longstitch and linkstitch binding with a lovely dark, thick leather cover.

Today in the studio

8-year-old Adriaan, a friend of Levigator Press, came by to visit and learned how to do a single-section pamphlet binding.

Bookbinding class 

Here are a few images from Tuesday night’s class. One student prepared a reclaimed cover from an old book, and the others used chipboard covers. 

Bookbinding class 

Making hinged covers for hardcover stab bindings. We’ll show you the finished books next week!