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Drawings in progress


Working on drawings for our upcoming Surprise Party In The Snow colouring calendar!

ATC session at Levigator Press

Last night we hosted an Artist Trading Card session as part of Ontario Culture Days. We had a mix of die-hard ATCers and adorable children, and it was a lot of fun!






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Drinks Diary at Phog Lounge


An exhibition of selections from the Drinks Diary project, at one of the places prominently featured in the project: Phog Lounge!

Click here to view a map: Where is Phog Lounge?

If you’re in the Windsor area, I’d be pleased if you’d wander down to Phog between March 1 and March 20 and have a look at the prints. Have a whiskey sour (with Bulleit) or a pint of the stout. Those are my favourites.

Here’s a little peek at some of the prints from earlier today as they were being trimmed up:


Fall workshops

This fall I’ll be offering three workshops at Mackenzie Hall Cultural Centre: Absolute Beginner Knitting, Beginner Draw & Sketch, and Beginner Portraiture. They’re all one-time three hour sessions. For all the details, visit my Workshops page!

self portrait drawing by kiausha burch
Self portrait drawing by Kiausha Burch, a student in my first year drawing class at the University of Georgia, Fall 2006.

surprise party in the snow!


Here is something that Peter and I have been working on for the past couple of weeks: Surprise Party in the Snow. It’s the drawings that I make in my little notebook while sitting in bars or in my Spanish class, using ball point pens, highlighter markers, and gel pens, all cleaned up and made into a single panel web comic. It’ll be updated intermittently, at least once a week, for as long as bars and Spanish class keep yielding up good overheard phrases. Don’t expect jokes, or narrative, or even accurate Spanish (I’m still learning!).

Enjoy! clicky-click –> Surprise Party in the Snow

another embroidery test

Made during my recent visit to the Pixie Fashions studio.

embroidery test 2

Since the images we tested out were scanned from ink drawings on paper, they’re a little bit messy for the embroidery machine software to render cleanly. But now that I have a better idea of how it all works, I can plan some new drawings specifically for this project. My mind is brimming over with the possibilities of machine embroidering my drawings onto skirts and dresses.

machine embroidery test

During a visit to the Pixie Fashions studio over the weekend, we tested out some of my drawings with the big embroidery machine. Here is the machine adding black linework to an image of a disembodied bird head with tentacles, holding a sword and breathing fire:

machine embroidery test

The drawings will need some tweaking to make them more appropriate for embroidery, but the test results looked pretty amazing. Watch for some exciting collaborations between Levigator Press and Pixie Fashions soon!