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Our friend Monica came in today and finished colouring her gorgeous version of our “Gesture” screenprinted colouring poster. It looks so good!

You can get yours at the studio, or online at the Levigator Press Etsy shop.

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Today in the studio

Started on some holiday cards:


And gave away some delicious vegan chocolate cupcakes in celebration of Alois Senefelder’s birthday!

For more on Alois Senefelder and why we love him, see our birthday post from last year: Happy Birthday Alois Senefelder

Happy birthday Alois Senefelder!


Alois Senefelder, born November 6, 1771, playwright, actor, connoisseur of girls, inventor of lithography. My pretend boyfriend.

Listen to a podcast about Senefelder and his achievements here: Engines of Our Ingenuity no. 791: Senefelder and Lithography

Read his book here: Alois Senefelder, The Invention of Lithography, at Project Gutenberg

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