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Today in the studio

Today was a busy day in the studio, with a class from the University of Windsor coming by in the morning for a letterpress workshop and a printing session with the lino block class in the evening. Here are a few pictures:

Reductive woodcut prints 

One of our studio members was in today putting the fourth and final layer on her reductive woodcut! This started out with the yellow, then red, then a pale green that appears bronze on top of the red, and an opaque teal to finish it off. They look even better in person!

Reductive woodcut 

One of our studio members was here today putting the third colour on her woodcut prints. One more layer to go!

Linocut in progress 

This is for an upcoming exhibition at Artspeak Gallery, June 13 to 18. The block will be the key layer to a 4-colour screenprint.

A busy printing day

Today was all about the linocuts in the Levigator Press studio. Our studio member Jennie was in pulling editions of a few of her Dashing Critters:


You can find Jennie and her lovely work at the Ford City Night Market, starting on May 5! Check out more of her work here: Jennie Nunweiler Art on Instagram

Later we had a new student in printing an edition from her first lino block:


Meanwhile, I was carving away on this: