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Bookbinding class 

Here are a few images from Tuesday night’s class. One student prepared a reclaimed cover from an old book, and the others used chipboard covers. 

Today in the studio 

From today’s private instruction session, helping a teacher create a letterpress poster for a class project.

Do you see the mistakes in the lockup? Don’t worry, we fixed them.

Bookbinding class 

Making hinged covers for hardcover stab bindings. We’ll show you the finished books next week!

Japanese bookbinding 

We had a student in today learning to make soft cover Japanese (stab) bindings. Here are the pretty books she made:

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Longstitch binding class 

Here’s a finished student book from last night’s class, with a heavy paper cover made from some of the paste papers we made last month.

Art in the Park

This weekend we took part in Events in the Manor, a fun free exhibit of Art in the Park. Here’s our set-up in the dining room of historic Willistead Manor, ready to demonstrate bookbinding for the public:

It’s more fun doing a demo by teaching somebody, so local artist Julie Bell came by to help out and learned a Japanese stab binding: