Drum leaf bookbinding class

Tonight we had a workshop in drum leaf bookbinding, an all adhesive (no sewing) method that produces a pleasingly sturdy little book with a fully integrated cover. It’s a great binding choice for artists because each two page spread is unbroken in the gutter. We love making these books. Here are the finished books:


Assembling the cover onto the finished, trimmed text block:


Rounding the corners on the finished book:


The success of this binding relies on having a high quality trimmer that can cut through an entire book in one go. Up until this week we haven’t been able to trim books like this properly in the studio because my 100-year-old Chandler and Price paper trimmer (Choppy) was in the basement of my home. But we finally mustered up the strength to move it to the studio, opening up a whole new world of bindery options. Here’s Choppy in her new home:


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