in the studio: trace monotype

Yesterday morning Lisa and I got together in the chilly Levigator Press basement studio and made some trace monotypes in preparation for the class we’re running this Saturday.

Trace monotype is an easy introduction to making beautiful prints even if you have never tried printmaking or can’t draw. Your Japanese paper is laid face down over a slab of specially prepared ink, and lines are traced on a reference image taped to the back to pick up ink. It’s a direct transfer method that yields a single, precious print, loaded with rich linework and moody, atmospheric shadows.

Here you can see my print in progress, next to the slab from which the ink was picked up.

And here are our completed prints! Lisa juxtaposed a dreamy photo of one of her children with an image of a beloved artwork in her collection, while I made a portrait of a handsome sheep named Limerick who was raised by a friend, and whose wool I used for my warm winter gloves.

There are still some spaces available in the class, happening this Saturday, 26 January, in the asil studio here in Walkerville. If you’d like more information or to sign up, visit this link: asil trace monotype class.

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