Newly published Levigator Press broadside: Fish Flies Are Coming!


Today in the studio: I just finished screenprinting these broadsides, featuring Surprise Party In The Snow characters discussing the impending arrival of one of Windsor and Essex County’s grossest pests: the dreaded fish fly. I’ve never seen them get quite this bad myself, but I’ve heard stories from my mother-in-law’s childhood of Leamington shopkeepers clearing the carcasses off the sidewalks with a shovel when a broom just couldn’t handle the quantity. Yuck, right? But it’s just part of Essex County life, and a sign of a healthy lake.

So grit your teeth, ignore the crunching under your shoes, and get the broadside! These puppies are printed on lovely French paper in your choice of white, yellow, or blue, and measure 9×12 inches (paper size) to fit into a standard frame.

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