Art in the Park Windsor!

We’re having a good start to our second day at Art in the Park at Windsor’s historic Willistead Manor! If you haven’t made it out to the show yet, you can still catch us here until 5pm. We’re in booth #345, on the Devonshire Road side of the park.

Here are a few photos of our booth setup:





New in the shop

We have loads of new spring flower bulb cards in the shop for you. We’ve reprinted last year’s tulips and crocuses in some new colours and added some sweet snowdrops and grape hyacinth. Bring on spring!


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Longstitch binding class

Here are some lovely books from tonight’s bookbinding class, longstitch through a slotted cover with a folded decorative slipcover. The students had loads of fun and were in love with their gorgeous little finished books.



Productive day in the studio

A full rack of prints, including loads of new screenprinted spring flower note cards, and colourful journal covers.


New look

With the help of our intern Danielle we patched and painted the front wall of the studio shop and installed these pretty shelves for displaying our prints and broadsides. There are still a few more shelves to go, but this is a good start, and it looks so tidy!