backstage photos from the fashion show

Here are a few poorly-lit photos from backstage to tide you over until I get my hands on the runway photos a friend shot for me. The models looked so pretty in the Levigator Press dresses, leggings and scarves. As always in my work, of course, horror vacui abounds. See for yourself:


I’m especially tickled by the long dress on the left, which is a near exact reproduction in cut to a dress I made (in black cotton) in the early 90s and wore through that entire decade until it quite literally shredded off my body. I asked the model, Ashley, to wear the 14-hole Dr Martens with it just to give it that exact same silhouette as my beloved ’90s dress. This version combines fabric printed from woodblocks overtop of an existing print with vintage embroidered textiles (in the bodice and patch pocket).

The two other dresses with the same combination of vintage embroidery and overprinted fabric have a more 1970s style, with a bodice that softly gathers into a shaped midriff band. You can’t see it in this photo, but the short green dress has a swallow on it with the word “Love” in embroidered script. Sweet.

Here’s a better look at the cut of the turquoise and orange dresses in the centre, from when I first developed the pattern over a year ago:


This is before the pockets went on, which match up with the pattern so perfectly that you can’t even see them in the modeled photo. The turquoise dress has pockets of the original (not overprinted) fabric so they stand out a bit more.

Here’s one more shot of some of the models lining up for our scene:


The leggings-and-giant-scarf look was balanced with an identical one in turquoise, not seen here. The leggings have worked out quite well; both I and one of the other designers wore them the night of the show and they were extremely comfortable to work in and also looked amazing, of course. I’m just waiting for a chance to do a photo shoot to get these up in the shop. That red pair is already sold but there are plenty more, all one of a kind and all very pretty.

Here’s a peek at a few of the leggings prints:


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