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ACWR fundraising posters

You can pick up one of these limited edition screenprinted posters, designed by Joshua Babcock and printed at Levigator Press, for fifteen bucks tonight at the Arts Council Windsor and Region‘s annual members’ show reception. All proceeds go towards funding ACWR’s great programming and projects!

Posters are available in navy blue and in very limited numbers in lighter blue or minty green.


In progress

Screenprinted fabric for a fun collaboration we’re working on!


Drawings in progress


Working on drawings for our upcoming Surprise Party In The Snow colouring calendar!

Studio tour

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us during the Windsor Essex Open Studio Tour! We had a blast and met some great new people.

Our new pottery line, in collaboration with The Pottery Cupboard, got great reviews. Here are the finished prototype pieces:


During the tour we also played with tile designs, drawing images in clay slabs with the etching needle and then pressing letters using letterpress type. We’re thinking of offering a tile making class in January if anyone’s interested!


Nicole (of Mercantile 519) worked on some knit patterned slump bowls:


We also did screenprint and block print demos. Here are some of the things we printed:



Windsor Essex Open Studio Tour!

This weekend we’re inviting Dayna Wagner of The Pottery Cupboard and Nicole Drouillard of Mercantile 519 to join us in the studio as part of the Windsor Essex Open Studio Tour. From 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday, we’ll be doing nonstop demos in pottery, printmaking, and knitting, with loads of fun stuff planned. If you’re in the neighbourhood, drop in and check us out! It’s worth taking in the whole tour, which encompasses Windsor, Belle River, Amherstburg, and LaSalle.

We’ll also be debuting the first pieces in two new lines of pottery the three of us are working on together, and making more pieces right on site. Here’s a little preview of the cups I was drawing on a few weeks ago, fresh out of the kiln:


Today in the studio





This is the beginning of a fun collaboration I’m doing with Dayna Wagner of The Pottery Cupboard. I did some drawings on a series of still-wet cups and bowls, to which she’ll add underglaze colour. This new line of pottery, along with some fun pieces Dayna is making in collaboration with Nicole Drouillard of Mercantile 519, will be debuted during the Windsor Essex Studio Tour on October 3 and 4. We’re super excited to show it to you!

Woodcut in progress

Here’s a little peek at an heraldic portrait woodcut I’m working on as a gift for some dear friends who are getting married. It’s a 5.5 by 8 inch block of cherry wood, a little harder than what I’m used to carving but it holds fine detail beautifully.

While on vacation we took a class in how to tie some simple knots for use around the campsite. Now I can’t stop thinking about knots! This is the Carrick Bend, a useful join for two lines of equal weight, and also a typical knot used in heraldry due to its beautiful shape. Here it’s being used to tie together two banners.


Studio wall calendar


Today I made some calendar pages for the studio wall, to better keep track of scheduling for classes and private instruction sessions. This is a handmade prototype version of a line of letterpress and screenprinted wall calendars we’ll be making for 2016!

Studio update

Wall mounted shelving installed = a clean work table!

studio shelves

The only thing left is to install mounts to hang the litho roller from the bottom of the shelving, and then this area will be all set for printing. For now, a load of fabric is being cut and stacked, ready to be printed for new bandannas, cowls, and a few surprises.

Next up in studio improvements we will move to the right of the window where the third and final wall needs to be scraped, patched, and painted, and a new shelving unit built and installed. Once that’s done there will be space in this room to finally bring the letterpress up from the basement, and the printing will resume in earnest.