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Today in the studio 

From today’s private instruction session, helping a teacher create a letterpress poster for a class project.

Do you see the mistakes in the lockup? Don’t worry, we fixed them.

New type

We picked up a few pieces of letterpress equipment yesterday, including a nice heavy tray of this beautiful typeface, most of it never used:


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Something fun

Our friend Steve brought us a box full of maple scraps in different shapes and sizes that he cut to .918″ on the endgrain so we could make our own letterpress borders and ornaments. This is going to be fun to play with. Here’s the first test print of a few strips bordering a kicky ampersand.


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Today in the studio

Printed up a small series of t-shirts (classic cut in bright red, curvy cut in heathered red) with our Rat King design!


Letterpress private instruction

Today a student came into the studio and printed a little set of these sweet thank you cards using our gorgeous 24-pt shadow typeface. Blind embossing on Crane’s Lettra letterpress paper.


Some of this week’s printing

This tricky lockup is the beginning of some new letterpress posters. It takes a good deal of time, and trial and error, to get these curved shapes locked in tightly, but the results are always pretty satisfying.



As so often happens after a printing session, I got hit with a case of “what else can I print this on?” fever, so used up what ink was left to make a small run of simple, fun cards:


Today in the studio

Today we had a student in for a private instruction session in letterpress. She printed a small set of cards and will be back next week to do another design!