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New in the shop

Freshly printed toy dinosaur postcards! Block print and letterpress on the front, with screenprinted postcard backs on the other side. Aww yeah!


We also have a new batch of our toy dinosaur notebooks, now in fun bright colours. We’ve also got loads of new dinosaur greeting cards (not shown, because they look exactly like the notebooks, only they’re cards). The rest of the dinosaur’s body extends onto the back of the book. And if you wanted to, you could colour them!


I can assure you that the hot pink ones are totally clearly printed, it’s just for some reason my phone camera can’t handle that colour and they look all out of focus. It must mean those ones are too terrifyingly awesome to look straight at. Rawr!

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Custom block printed skirt for Cate


Just finished: this lovely custom summer skirt in purple gingham, printed with a repeat of our doily woodblock in black ink, with a softly gathered waist, full lining, and generous inseam pockets. This is similar to the skirts we sell in our shop, with a bit of added length as requested by our client. We’re pretty delighted with the finished product!

We’re happy to produce a one of a kind item for you as well! You can choose from the fabrics in our studio and design your own custom piece by telling us exactly how you want it printed, and we can show you our collection of fabrics we’ve printed in the past to give you ideas. We prefer to stick to simple garments like this gathered skirt, our shirred sundresses, and easy to wear a-line tanks and tunics, in order to show off our printed fabrics at their best. But we’re also working on producing some of our fabrics for sale if you’d prefer to sew your own piece or take it to a tailor to have something fabulous made for you. Just drop in any time to look at fabric and discuss options!

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Newly published Levigator Press broadside: Fish Flies Are Coming!


Today in the studio: I just finished screenprinting these broadsides, featuring Surprise Party In The Snow characters discussing the impending arrival of one of Windsor and Essex County’s grossest pests: the dreaded fish fly. I’ve never seen them get quite this bad myself, but I’ve heard stories from my mother-in-law’s childhood of Leamington shopkeepers clearing the carcasses off the sidewalks with a shovel when a broom just couldn’t handle the quantity. Yuck, right? But it’s just part of Essex County life, and a sign of a healthy lake.

So grit your teeth, ignore the crunching under your shoes, and get the broadside! These puppies are printed on lovely French paper in your choice of white, yellow, or blue, and measure 9×12 inches (paper size) to fit into a standard frame.

New notebook line in the shop

Just put the finishing touches on these rad new dinosaur notebooks, featuring linoblock portraits of a few toy dinos from our collection:


We’ve also got a new line of greeting cards in the shop featuring these fearsome dudes. I’ve cut a second block to add some colour and will be printing multicolour dinos this week. Thinking about printing them on some t-shirts too!


Today in the studio

I printed up a few more new card designs today. This first one is an old lino block that I made many years ago; it was my Xmas card print in either 1999 or 2000, back before we even came to Windsor. It’s a simple white line drawing of Polly, the bald, armless mannequin who lives on our stairs landing, as an angel. I thought it would be fun to print it again, so here’s Ms Polly in straight-out-of-the-can Gamblin ultramarine blue, printed overtop of some woodgrain and lace prints.


I also cut and printed this little lino block of falling hearts in metallic gold, to use as a sample for this evening’s letterpress cards workshop. These dried quickly and are already available in our shop!


Today in the shop

Just finished: a new line of sweet blank journals with linoblock printed patterned covers on gorgeous Berrylicious blue French Paper, creamy Strathmore Script pages, and pasted-on block printed blank labels.